In their third collaboration, Director of Photography Elisha Christian and Senior Colorist Andrea Chlebak intricately blended influences from various genre…


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In their third collaboration, Director of Photography Elisha Christian and Senior Colorist Andrea Chlebak intricately blended influences from various genre films along with the artistry of Renaissance aesthetics to sculpt the visual identity for Michael Mohan's horror film Immaculate. The film’s captivating imagery and meticulously composed frames serve as a testament to their deep exploration of darkness, holy light, and demonic symbolism. Delve further into the intricacies of Elisha and Andrea's partnership and the wellspring of their creative inspiration below.

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Elisha Christian, Director of Photography

“[Director] Michael Mohan and I found ourselves immersed in a nostalgic reverie, yearning for the timeless allure of classic horror exemplified in films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist. Personally, my deepest visual inspiration stemmed from the cinematography crafted by Jack Cardiff in Black Narcissus.”


Billie Melissa, Men's Journal

"Elisha Christian's work as director of photography separates it from its notable predecessors in the genre. Christian crafts a stunning, grainy world that basks in its religious light while dabbling in the darkness, absorbing every inch of Adam Reamer's glorious production design."

Elisha Christian, Director of Photography

"Shooting in Rome, it was impossible not to be inspired by the dramatic light in the paintings of Caravaggio. Collaborating closely with Andrea to calibrate the grain structure and intensity proved instrumental in achieving the desired texture and depth within the film."


Andrea Chlebak, Senior Colorist

"It has been highly rewarding collaborating with Elisha across various projects, as it has afforded us the opportunity to refine our creative process into one that is open and fluid. We both value the exploration of more daring visual styles, followed by a period of reflection to finely tune them and evoke the desired emotions. In our work on Immaculate, we found that sweet spot of aesthetic early on that resonated with both of us, allowing us to dedicate focused attention to select pivotal scenes, honing thematic palettes. Working on each scene of this film was like watching magic happen, seeing our shared vision come to life bit by bit."

Elisha Christian, Director of Photography

"Having worked with Andrea on multiple projects, I've really come to trust on her taste and artistic sensibilities. Our collaboration involved an exchange of color reference materials, through which we diligently preserved intricate details and contrast, particularly within low-light settings."



Reference credits (L to R):
Still Photography by Bill Henson (1-2)
Children of Men Alfonso Cuarón (3)
Rosemary’s Baby Roman Polanski (4-5)
Macbeth Justin Kurzel (6-7)
The Godfather Francis Ford Coppola (8)
(9) The Nun Jacques Rivette
(10) The Sound of Music Robert Wise
(11-14) Black Narcissus Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell 
(15) The Great Beauty Paolo Sorrentino
(16) The Sound of Music Robert Wise
Immaculate Stills Courtesy of Neon