Production and Post Production Studio in New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, London, Chicago, and Atlanta. Offering Live Action Production, Dailies, Color, Sound, ADR, VFX, Offline Editorial, and Delivery. Servicing Entertainment and Advertising industries. Crafting across genres: Feature Films, Episodic, Television, Music Videos, Super Bowl Campaigns, Commercials, Branded Content.

Vision & Mission

“Harbor is a company, where those who challenge the way things have been done, are being done, are free to make them better. Where those willing to put in the work, willing to try, fail and come back for more, and chart their own course within a framework that values creative results and community building above all else. It is a place where those sorts of people will succeed.”

– Zak Tucker, Founder & CEO


Harbor is a creatively driven and people-focused organization that supports diversity in all its forms (gender, self-identification, origins, race, age, LGBTQIA+, disability, education, religions, veteran status, etc).

We are committed to providing all talent with equitable access to opportunities and resources to provide spaces for psychological safety for our teams. Harbor, comprised of entertainment and advertising industry professionals across the globe, explores cultural fluency by fostering curiosity and authentic connections.


A few of our initiatives

Internal educational panels and programs including one-on-one mentorship program and celebrations of monthly cultural events such as Artistry Unfiltered (LGBTQIA+ creative panel), Fireside chats surrounding Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Juneteenth.
Collaborating with leading industry partners to expand access to industry software
Proactively broadening our recruitment process to source and hire candidates from diverse backgrounds and historically marginalized communities
Official sponsor of Free The Work, a nonprofit global initiative and talent discovery platform for underrepresented creators
  • Partner with Reel Works, a mentorship program for underserved youth, with year-round internships from which we have extended offers for full-time employment in support of their mission: Change the storytellers, change the world
  • Collaborate with educational institutions on both a national and global level, such as the London Screen Academy, Access VFX, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, local community colleges and vocational art schools to prepare students for careers in film
  • Providing in-kind filmmaking grants and support to students from all backgrounds
  • Sponsoring film festivals and industry events that spotlight emerging, diverse filmmakers
  • Our studio services team consistently partners with local minority-owned businesses to meet our operational needs

working at harbor


In everything that we do for ourselves and our clients, we strive for top tier, premium quality, both creatively and technically. 


Excellence & Honor in Service
Relentless Refinement of Craft & Process
Unwavering Protection of Creative Intent


At Harbor, we know inspiration comes in many forms and from many places, and every day we work with clients and teams across the globe. That’s why we’ve deployed the technical infrastructure to enable hybrid (dependent on role) workflows and schedules, putting creativity and productivity first.


We have over 100,000 square feet of studio space around the world giving you in-person access to top tier talent, equipment and an unparalleled in-office experience. Meet with colleagues and clients, attend events, continue to push projects forward, and strengthen our company culture.