Creation is only limited by imagination


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"Creation is only limited by imagination"

Visual effects brings magic to cinema by transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary experiences. From mythical creatures to awe-inspiring landscapes, to beauty and cleanup work, VFX weaves a tapestry of wonder that enriches the art of storytelling.

At Harbor, we've built a delta force high-end VFX artist roster specializing in creative consultation, compositing, CG [modeling, rigging, animation, lighting], on-set supervision, retouching, and clean up.

Utilizing our pipeline built around our artists, they push the boundaries of creativity alongside you - with tools such as Flame, Nuke, Maya, Houdini, Unreal- making the impossible possible.

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  • On-set VFX Supervision
  • 2D: Compositing, cleanup, beauty
  • 3D: Modeling, animation, lighting and rendering, digital matte paintings
  • Full pre-vis treatments and capabilities
  • Talent available to work globally
  • Color Science support for complete integration with color grading artists
  • Remote reviews with real-time VFX sessions
  • Complete delivery and finishing
  • Flame, Nuke, Maya, Houdini, Unreal, After Effects, and C4D