Don’t Run With Scissors


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"Don't Run With Scissors"

We live to take your project to the next level. Welcome to a new way of engaging editorial talent that pushes the boundaries of limitless premium choice and creative diversity for you and your team.

In much the same way that an amazing editor will take your idea and progress it to a place beyond what you had imagined, we take your project’s brief and explore creative editorial talent options that will push your ideas beyond the original concept, and we start long before the first frame of film has been captured.

Our artists, producers, and creative leads come together as a collective to curate the right talent. We’re not interested in pairing your project with the next-available artist. We are obsessed with making the perfect match for your project. It’s why we source the freshest talent globally, and why our roster of editorial artists is ever-evolving and always exceptional.

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Let's Cut to the Chase...

• Incredibly diverse Editorial talent spanning all genres available globally
• In person, in studio collaboration
• Remote studio to studio collaboration
• On location live editorial collaboration for shoots
• Creative Direction available from initial concepting and ideation to final delivery.
• Pre shoot timing templates and video boards for choreographed and VFX based projects.
• Seamless production pipeline with Design, Color, VFX, and Sound from beginning to end.
• Full team of dedicated Assistant Editors and Cutting Assistants.