You can have a bright future in a dark room


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"You can have a bright future in a dark room"

The delicate art of color grading can embrace each frame, igniting a perfect balance between light and shadow, weaving a tale of emotions that capture the audience's hearts in cinematic enchantment.

Every one of your projects is different. We take pride in being bespoke high-end colorists, specializing in an array of media - feature films, episodic content, television, and animation - delivering unique looks for each of your campaigns.

You are not bound geographical limitations; our award-winning team is readily available to work on your projects globally, wherever you need them. With a seamless image pipeline backed by our Color Science team, we ensure your product looks consistent across all of your displays - your iPhone, iPad, Home TV, and theatrical placements.

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  • 4k Projection Theatrical Grading Theaters
  • On-Glass HDR Grading Suites
  • Dolby Vision
  • Team of conform, color assists, and support artists
  • Full service deliverable capabilities
  • Remote real-time grading with calibrated displays