The team at Harbor has come together to provide a new ethos and facility to the NYC landscape for the production and post production of feature films, commercials, television and web content. Built and run by artists working alongside technical infrastructure experts, Harbor has magnetized a dynamic team of collaborators, housed in a state of the art facility, all in service of delivering projects with the highest caliber aesthetics and technical fidelity.

We value and love our work. Therefore, we do not look to routine formulas that are just about getting the job done. Rather, we push, explore, and challenge in order to elevate the project's potential.

We have created a flexible technical architecture designed to work from the studio scale to the emergent filmmaker, and take pride in championing pioneering, creative work.

We believe that great work happens when we are in the right mindset. We have strived to create an experience and atmosphere that supports this proposal in a comfortable, artist centric space, where we focus on the humanistic values of friendly service and aesthetics without compromise.